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Chef Daniela was raised in Peru and grew up eating amazing organic food. When she moved to the U.S. to go to college, she started cooking at home, and friends and family always complimented her meals. Since cooking came naturally to her, she felt motivated to transfer from her Fine Arts degree to the Culinary Arts. She's worked in the restaurant industry since her early twenties, serving and bartending her way through college. Daniela thrived in culinary school, and loved the thrill that comes from working in the kitchen! She proved that small girls can also belong in the kitchen and be leaders in the culinary world. After graduating from the International Culinary School at the Art Institute - San Diego, Daniela decided to go back to Peru to reconnect with her roots through cuisine. There, she attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, and discovered the fulfillment she felt when sharing her culture through food.

Chef Daniela also lived in Hawaii for seven years where she worked at renowned restaurants, hotels, and private catering companies. She had the chance to learn from the most talented Chefs in Oahu, and gained vast experience in the wedding/catering industries - making this field her specialty! Our Chef fell in love with the tropical island lifestyle, exotic ingredients and culture, so she incorporates a lot of Hawaiian flavors into her cuisine until today. After moving back to San Diego in 2016, she decided it was time for her to open her own catering business; and she has been growing and thriving as a sole entrepreneur ever since!


Landing in this field, she also had to face the other side of the restaurant world that includes wasteful and unhealthy practices. She takes pride in leading a change to better culinary practices. She gets to teach about sustainability, seasonality, and proper product purchasing and handling. Her goal is to raise the bar as far as restaurants’ ecological and health standards go.

Chef Daniela's success derives from her passion and love for the industry. She can dive into hours of work and love every single minute of it. Hard work, consistency, dedication, and determination are key ingredients to her recipe for success.

Besides being a Private Chef and Caterer, she also has vast experience with hands-on cooking classes and meal preparation. She loves to teach her clients the ultimate expression of this beautiful art!

Let Chef Daniela take you on an exciting and unforgettable culinary adventure! Contact us for more information.


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"I love creating new flavors, and channeling my creativity into the culinary world! One of my favorite things is plating - the white plate shines like a canvas to me and I can’t wait to make the magic happen!"